Demons Age Preview

Demons Age Preview

A number of games have tried to relive the glory days of late 80′s and early 90′s RPGs. Demons Age is the latest offering in development. Although it may be in its early stages of development, there’s still enough to promise interest.

Demons Age won’t be to everyone’s taste, this is made abundantly clear within the first half hour. Grid set turn based combat, stat management and plenty of lore are all at the heart of the game. In all fairness, this is very much a love letter to how RPGs used to be.


It’s refreshing to have so much control over a characters stats. Every little adjustment can lead to a greater good, slowly moulding to how you wish to play and act within context of the game. There’s very little in the form of forced progression into certain fields, allowing players to approach levelling and character progression in a similar fashion to pen and paper Dungeon & Dragons.

Unfortunately it’s not all good, imbalance is something Demons Age suffers from regularly. Spell casters seem to be a little too powerful, leaving all other options feeling much weaker in the process. This is an issue that pops up with most RPGs that allow for such freedom, Demons Age is just another victim, at least for now.


Sticking so close to the flavour of old school Demons Age wish to honour presents a few strange issues. Both the story and environments feel familiar, almost like we’ve been there countless times. Within the early stages of the game, players are treated to a sewer level. Yes, the level itself is nicely crafted and acts as a great host for the tutorial. Even with the solid design, seeing the same shades of sewer for the 89th time does take its toll.

After a few rough patches and bumps in the road, Demon Age starts to grow into something enjoyable. Even when the rigid animations, visuals glitches and tricky looting causes frustration, there’s still undeniable charm flowing within the game. Much like sitting back to enjoy a good genre piece film, Demons Age remains endearing at the very least.

For a game in its early stages, Demons Soul has plenty of promise. Key issues such as imbalance in character builds needs to be addressed. There’s a number of annoyances that tend to be in most early builds of games. Visual and audio glitches can be smoothed out, quality of life can be improved in minor patches, fixing the character builds is vital to reaching the game’s potential.



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