”Delayed” Retail Copies of Dying Light Appear On E-Bay

”Delayed” Retail Copies of Dying Light Appear On E-Bay

After the announcement that Dying Light would be delayed by a whole month in most territories (at least physical copies), it’s a little surprising to see copies pop up on E-bay. The reason for official reason for the delay was as follows -


”As physical production has a longer lead time than digital there is some delay in the aforementioned territories.”


While this was a valid reason, it always felt a bit strange that the delay came within a week of the scheduled release. With all these copies popping up across E-bay, it puts a small cloud of doubt over the reason for the games delay. The only version released outside of the US is the digital version. This £55 bare bones option is hardly appealing, given it’s £15 more expensive than most stores/sellers.

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If the retail copies are clearly ready, why the delay? Has this all been a mistake? A shady method to try sell the digital version? Or a genuine problem with retail production? It would be ideal for Warner Brothers/ Tech Land to clear up a few things.



Sean Halliday

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