Deals of The Week: Street Fighter 5 & Dark Souls 3 Discounted

Deals of The Week: Street Fighter 5 & Dark Souls 3 Discounted

Another week is over, and it’s a fair time to look out for a few juicy deals. Saving a few quid is always welcome. From PC to console, these are just a few of the best deals around at the moment.



Street Fighter 5 – £23.74 (PC)

The year’s biggest fighting game is finally near release. It feels like years since the Street Fighter 5 reveal was presented. EVO has already replaced Street Fighter 4 with its big brother, and you could save a few quid thanks to Digital copies are currently up for £23.74 with physical version costing a few quid extra at £24.85.



Dark Souls 3 – £35.85 (PS4/Xbox One)

From Software have went from creating games for niche markets, to being one of the biggest names around. While PS4 owners ate up Bloodborn, Xbox One users had to make do with a updated version Dark Souls 2. Praise the sun and usher in the true debut of Dark Souls onto the new systems. There’s various deals popping on Dark Souls 3, but most of these are timed.

For £35.95, The Game Collection can hook you up with a copy on either system.



Kid Icarus Uprising – £13.95 (3DS)

Remember 3DS AR cards? It’s okay if you don’t, not many people do. Kid Icarus Uprising was one of the major games to try give AR cards a real go. Each copy comes bundled with a bunch of them, with each card having a place within the game its self.

Overall, Uprising is a pretty solid title that makes good use of the 3D. It’s nothing ground breaking or stunning, but there’s certanily a fair amount of enjoyment to get out of it. For £13.95, the amount of content on offer makes it steal.

Sean Halliday

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