Darkwood: Horror Done Right

Darkwood: Horror Done Right

When you think of horror games nowadays the likes of Outlast and Amnesia come to mind. However, there’s one title that has left me pleasantly surprised. Gone is the first-person perspective and we are now given a top-down survival horror game titled ‘Darkwood’.

This game proves you don’t need next-gen visuals, or the playstyles of Amnesia/Outlast to make your game scary. Darkwood does everything you’d expect from a horror game in a top-down, minimal world. Sure, the game is only in Early Access on Steam so it’s pretty early in terms of development but from what I’ve played it is one of the eeriest, creepiest, and most fun horror games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing.

I’m glad to see a studio take on a game of this format. I can be quite honest in saying I’m tired of seeing all the Amnesia/Outlast clones in terms of horror. Darkwood is a refreshing take on horror, and a game I can safely enjoy sinking numerous hours into. It feels like every time I sit down to play the outcomes of my journeys are going to be different every time. It’s sandbox survival horror and it works really well with the appearance and style of the game.

I recommend everyone check out Darkwood on Steam. It’s probably the best horror experience I’ve had this year. Without a doubt. Also, be sure to check out my video on the game below to get an idea of what it looks like in motion. The game may be $15 but it’s well worth the price. I guarantee it.

Steam Store Page: [Click Here]

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