Could A Star Wars Horror Game Work?

Could A Star Wars Horror Game Work?

If you’re like me you have a massive hard-on for horror games, and we can all agree that in terms of AAA horror recently it’s been pretty shite. However, I’m remaining hopeful for Shinji Mikami’s “return to roots” horror game, The Evil Within. However, with the recent news of Visceral Games tackling a Star Wars title has made me bring up thoughts of a horror game set in the Star Wars universe. We’ve already had novels touching the subject and it makes me dream of a space-based horror game set in the SW universe. You could say Visceral nailed down space-horror fairly well with the Dead Space series, and with Amy Hennig (Uncharted writer) and Todd Stashwick penning this Star Wars game makes me feel a sense of hope. It probably won’t be a horror game, but one can dream right?

Imagine the scenario. You play a Stormtrooper who is on the Deathstar and some alien virus, chemical leak, whatever the hell you want breaks out on the ship and causes most of the people on the base to end up dying and re-animate into Deathtroopers who have existed before in terms of the novel penned by Joe Schreiber titled “Death Troopers”. So, you could possibly be a lone Stormtrooper trying to survive against the hoards of undead Stormtroopers while awaiting for back-up sent from the Emperor or even Darth Vader.

I imagine Visceral Games (Dead Space) could craft an environment perfectly suited for the idea. Besides, who wouldn’t want to run around in the Death Star while it’s crawling with hoards of zombie Stormtroopers? I’d give my left nut to play a game like that and I know they could make it a great horror experience as in my opinion they did tremendously with the Dead Space series even though Dead Space 3 wasn’t exactly a horror game, per-say.

Of course, playing as a Stormtrooper gives you access to a Blaster Rifle, or even a Blaster Pistol but maybe the game should make you weaponless. You have nothing to fight the undead horde with. Instead of typical zombie games where you can massacre the hoard with weapons why not give us a zombie game where we’re completely defenseless and have to navigate the Death Star without getting picked off by the undead.

Think of a mixture of Amnesia, and Outlast mixed with a little bit of space-horror with inspiration drawn from Visceral’s previous work on Dead Space. Not to mention having two solid writers penning the game would even make it more of an experience worth living, and playing.

That being said, the chances are extremely slim that we’ll be seeing a Star Wars horror game being developed anytime soon, and chances are slim that Visceral are making a horror game set in that universe. However, I can imagine the idea has been floating around sometime with other Star Wars fans and I doubt I’m the only one.

Maybe someday we’ll see a fan-game like this, hell I’d support it 100%. The question is, do you guys think a horror-themed Star Wars game could work and if so, how would you like to see it done, and if you could choose the development studio to make the game who would you pick and why?


Justin Ross

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  1. mt
    December 4, 2014, 9:34 pm

    Great idea. I definitely think so. Probably not though because you aren’t free to do what you want with a license, especially one owned by Disney. But I’m sure some great, illegal fan-made games could be made that do a horror take on it. It’d be more interesting than some other properties like Indiana Jones because that series has already had horror moments (Temple of Doom). But stuff with the emperor already feels pretty twisted and like “dark magic” so it’s going there.

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