Couch Multiplayer Gibfest Demons With Shotguns Leaves Early Access April 25th

Couch Multiplayer Gibfest Demons With Shotguns Leaves Early Access April 25th

The recent rise in couch multiplayer games has spawned some top notch games. Demons With Shotguns is trying to add its name to that list, complete with gibs and killing sprees.


Demons With Shotguns is the ‘ultimate’ couch fragger gibfest. Players battle it out across 2-4 player local multiplayer as they devastate each other with shotguns and power ups. Bullet deflecting shields add a crafty touch to the gameplay, along with tarot cards that effect the player in a number of ways. Demons With Shotguns offer 9 different game modes across 4 realms and 40 arenas.

The community feedback I’ve received has been instrumental in pushing the game towards the final release,” said Nicholas DiMucci. “It’s been a long, strange 3 year journey developing Demons with Shotguns. It’s been a labor of love, paying homage to twitch based arena shooters of the 90s.”

“Early Access has not only helped me balance the game’s competitive game modes, but inspired me to introduce even more game modes, features, match customization and characters to choose from,” said Nicholas DiMucci”. “The game now includes a whole new singleplayer & local co-op enemy wave mode, End of Times, where you must fend off the Devil’s army and fight your way through several arenas towards an epic showdown with the Devil himself.”

Complete with a synthwave soundtrack by VHS Glitch and voice over work by Jon ‘Vocie of Honest Trailers’ Bailey, Demons With Shotguns has grown nicely.

Sean Halliday

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