Cliffhorse Is A Confusing Joke

Cliffhorse Is A Confusing Joke

Say what you want about Notch, but his latest creation “Cliffhorse” confuses the hell out of me. It’s obviously cracking a joke at games that use the ‘Early-Access’ formula, and also seems to be a nod at Goat Simulator. In the end the only purpose I see of Cliffhorse is that it was made to poke fun at, and stir up some shit.

The confusing part to me is him essentially taking the piss out of games that do the early-access business model. Wasn’t Minecraft in that same sort of vein? So, it just confuses me that he’d taking the piss out of a business model that Minecraft was essentially known for when it first saw the light of day.

So, it’s an obvious joke and from what I know of the Unity Engine (engine used to make this…thing) most of the assets from the game are already defaulted in-engine, and all Notch had to do was look through the asset store and download a free horse model. Really no work whatsoever had to go into making this game, and there’s even people spending money on this thing. That’s crazy.


I get that indie games have gotten into a weird sort of trend with the whole “Early Access” routine and that most of the games that do come out are buggy, unfinished messes that will usually never see a fully released status. I can understand why Notch is taking the piss out of it, and even though he sort of did the same thing with Minecraft (and finished the game you could say) it just feels sort of silly to make something like this.

However, it isn’t as silly as the people spending money on the “game”. It just goes to show that people will buy anything if a well known person is attached to said product.

I’m probably coming off as a twat, and I’m sure I’m going to get flamed one way or another but I just don’t see the humor here. It’s just sort of tasteless.




Justin Ross

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