Can Ubisoft Handle The Division’s Launch?

Can Ubisoft Handle The Division’s Launch?

The Division is to be the next big release, mostly down to the hype train rolling around. It’s not without credit either, a new IP with a pretty ambitious concept is worthy of hype. My main concerns aren’t exactly with the game itself, more with Ubisoft.

Given the game is built for online play, Ubisoft doesn’t have a reputation for handling online games all that well. Sever outages during the initial launch week always seem to be a issue. The recent release of Rainbow Six: Siege showcased a number of weakness when it came to Ubisoft and online play.

Matchmaking was barely stable for the first few weeks, with a number of users constantly being booted out of games. Waiting times would dramatically change, resulting in frustration all around. Questions over severs and netcode were also raised, with the latter still being a popular issue discussed across the community. Siege has been out for sometime now, but the sever errors still make the odd cameo.

To their credit, Ubisoft have done a fair job of tackling the issues Siege suffered. Will people be so forgiven and patient with The Division? I can’t imagine they would…at least for a time. In the modern culture, any bugs glitches and exploits are exposed to the masses pretty quickly. Sites report issues, twitter goes ablaze and Youtube becomes jam packed with visual footage. There’s not many places to hide when a game messes up.

The Division Beta had plenty of people talking recently, but some were hacking. It’s not the best sign when a Beta test is playing host to cheaters. Ubisoft’s anti-cheat protection isn’t quite up to the standards of its peers. Tackling cheaters will be vital in The Division. Hopefully Ubisoft have already set a plan in place in preparation for launch.

It’ll be interesting to see how Ubisoft handle the release and maintenance of The Division. Reacting to community feedback and addressing issues will be hugely important to long term success. Ubisoft don’t have the best of reputations. Broken releases and season passes have left dents in their image, but they can still recover. Depending on how well they handle The Division, Ubisoft could gain some brownie points back.

Sean Halliday

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