British Newspaper Links Attempted Muder With Video Games

British Newspaper Links Attempted Muder With Video Games

The Sun newspaper, famed for it’s lies and lack of credibility, has been up to their usual tricks once more.

Even though the publication hosts it’s own video game section, it’s always partial to a pot shot at the culture/industry. From calming ISIS use video games to recruit, to blaming violent video games on youth crime spikes, The Sun knows no bounds. This time around they’re shoehorning in video games into a recent story about a murder.

18 year old Ben Moynixhan was recently sentenced to 21 years in prison. His crime was attempting to stab three women. His motivation is said to stem around frustration that he was still a virgin. The Sun printed those points, but oddly decided to chuck video games into the piece as well.


Much like their past reports, The Sun often state random information about a person. This can be found in almost any piece of youth crime. In this case, The Sun randomly mentions Moynixham was a video game fan.’Twisted gamer geek’ is the sub headline they run, along with numerous mentions of his video game hobby.

The issue with this is not the point he enjoyed video games, but how utterly irrelevant it is. The Sun seemingly enjoys throwing in random information about the person in question. There’s been a venomous tone behind The Sun’s reporting for decades now, more recent times have included attacks on video games.

It’s odd that the industry still supports The Sun and it’s journalists. Review copies, press passes, invitations to coverage are all extend to The Sun. The recent TV spots for The Order 1886 included a quote from The Sun’s review of the game. For a publication that tries it’s hardest to paint the industry, and it’s consumer, as poorly as they can, they get a lot of support from the industry itself.

It’s bad enough that video game companies are willing to look past The Sun’s plethora of scandals, including hacking the phones of murdered teenagers, but to constantly support them feels like self harm.



Sean Halliday


  1. Dirk
    March 9, 2015, 7:57 am

    So this publication is more like the National Enquirer in the United States? They may get lucky in terms of truth, but that sounds like it is beside the point and they go for sensationalism first. No scientist, psychologist, psychiatrist, and/or sociologist, or any of the other disciplines that deal with human behavior have pointed to a causal link between video game violence and a desire to commit real world violence because of it. Just one more article full of nonsense. Hooray for Freedom of Speech.

  2. […] no doubt about it, The Sun is far worse than the BBC. They’ve directly blamed games for murder  and Teen suicide. The media on the whole is quick to attack video games in the wake of any tragedy […]

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