Bring Back Golden Sun

Bring Back Golden Sun

When people talk about classic JRPGs, the usual suspects are mentioned: Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Earth Bound etc. But there’s one brilliant JRPG that set the Game Boy Advance alight: Golden Sun.

Traditional in nearly every sense, Golden Sun was an utter treat. The visuals, the music, the gameplay, the Djinn system–all of it is sheer quality. Sure, the story was a little weak, but this was more than forgivable.

Despite the above, however, Golden Sun has oddly been forgotten by the masses, seen more as a cult hit. It’s a shame the game never truly got the love and attention it deserved, seemingly trapped in the shadow of more popular JRPG franchises.

On a personal level, Golden Sun represented the perfect mix of classic gameplay, fantastic game mechanics, tricky but rewarding puzzles, and an overall challenge that never felt unfair. Golden Sun was truly one of the games that defined a console–and a genre–for me, and for a few others, I suspect.


Golden Sun: The Lost Age was pretty much more of the same only with additional spells/skills and even more Djinn’s to collect. The game maintained all the qualities of the original while furthering the plot. While The Lost Age felt rather safe, it was a top-notch JRPG experience, which has also earned more of a cult status than wide appreciation.

The same can be said for Golden Sun‘s debut on the DS in the form of Dark Dawn. The visuals may have improved, but little else was added to truly give the game a next-gen feeling. This wasn’t to say the game was bad, however.

Golden Sun has yet to make an appearance on the 3DS. Series developer Camelot Software were impressed with the 3DS and thus people assumed we’d see Golden Sun hit Nintendo’s nifty handheld, but alas, nothing has yet to arrive. Given the 3DS had a rocky  first few months upon its release, it’s understandable that we did not see the release of Golden Sun 3D. (Let’s just use that name for example sake). The 3DS has now earned its place in the hearts and minds of the masses, so surely this would be a golden time for Golden Sun to return?

The 3DS has a fantastic library of games, including franchises that became much more known in the West thanks to their release on the GBA. Golden Sun may be a mostly forgotten cult franchise, but there’s still an element of desire, albeit selfish, in seeing it return.



Sean Halliday

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