Bound By Flame First Impressions

Bound By Flame First Impressions

Bound By Flame was never a game on my radar. It didn’t appeal to me and with the multitude of other games coming out this month; I can’t say I was chomping at the bits for this game to hit store shelves. This coupled with the iffy reviews it was getting made me a bit wary about putting out the cash for Spiders’ newest product. To put it simply though, Bound By Flame has left me pleasantly surprised in its opening hours.

Going into this game I wasn’t expecting a AAA, big budget game. The title only costs 50 USD (40 for PS3, 360 and PC), so I wasn’t looking for a massive game. The first thing that greeted me after electing a new game was the character creation screen. A very simple formula, Bound By Flame gives the user the option of gender and about 6 face and hair options. I chose to go the female route as the face models seemed better.

The game took me into a few cut scenes to set up the story and before I knew it, I was in combat. This where Bound By Flame has me hooked. You are given the choice of three fighting styles: heavy attacks (swards axes), quick attacks (daggers), or fire powers (spells). You can switch on the fly with a menu that slows the world around you down and depending on the enemy or situation; you can select the combat style that suits you.

The combat system features your basic hack and slash moves, but incorporates an awesome parry and dodge system that gives this game a beautiful rhythm to it. Learning enemies’ patterns and working in your own attacks is what gives this game its charm and fun factor. I prefer the quick combat of the daggers as it allows you more movement in battle and I love the dodging feature.

Another thing I like from the game is the art style. It may not be one hundred percent original, but it just works for this sort of game. Sometimes when I’m playing a game like this the art style won’t fit and it will pull me out of the experience. In Bound By Flame I believe the artists did a great job of making a believable world.

My only complaint is a simple one; the dialogue can get a bit cheesy at times. This is one of the few areas that you can tell Spiders’ budget wasn’t huge. The voice actors, while adequate, sometimes cheese up their lines and over dramatized things. I’ve heard a few complain about the swearing, but honestly, it hasn’t put me off too much. Yes it does happen, but not enough to put you off.

All in all, Bound By Flame is a solid game. I’m about three hours into it and I’m really enjoying my time. I hope that it will continue this upward trend as I’m just getting into the real story. The combat is fun, the game is challenging and those coupled with the price tag makes Bound By Flame a title that recommend someone looking for a fun RPG pick up.

Rich Drummond


  1. Rondo Machete
    May 12, 2014, 10:32 am

    I must agree with you.This Is a great game. I only saw it a couple of weeks ago on amazon and didn’t take much notice but a day before release I though I’d check it out online and it took me by surprise so I got it release day and I’m hooked too. I love the cheesy lines they take me back to a time when all games had them and like you I love the combat. So if I’ve learnt one thing it’s look at all releaseing games.

    • Rich Drummond
      May 12, 2014, 5:07 pm

      Yeah, I always get a nice chuckle out of the lines. I don’t see why people went into this game looking for a Game of the Year candidate. It’s a fun game to go into and just relax. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t have to be. Haha.

  2. anonimouse
    May 21, 2014, 10:58 pm

    Was definitely a fun game. I had way more fun with this short and fun game than with dragon age 1. Looked like it ran on the same engine btw. Some pieces of the game were really inspired, the armors looked amazing, the sewers with all the corpses were very cool, and some of the monsters were kickass. And even though some of the dialogue wasnt that wlel VO’d, I really enjoyed the deamon hahaha, oh yeah and the ending was pretty boss too. I love weird endings in rpgs.

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