Bloodborne Vs Dark Souls 2: Everyone Wins

Bloodborne Vs Dark Souls 2: Everyone Wins

Dark Souls has came along way from it’s humble roots. It’s origins can be found on the PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls. Initially a game that went under the radar, Demon Souls began to cultivate a cult following. It’s brutal approach to death and challenge, it’s curious multiplayer, it was a genuinely odd game, odd but original. Dark Souls came from the seed that was Demon’s Souls, only this time it was multiformat.

Dark Souls has since became a cult classic, spawning it’s own culture and streamer base. The game has went beyond ‘just another game’, it’s a trend setter, something different that still performs to a decent level commercially. Dark Souls had such a influence on the industry that other developers were inspired, resulting in the likes of Lords of The Fallen. To put it all into perspective, the PS3 exclusive Demon’s Souls led to the creation of the multiformat blockbuster Dark Souls…and now the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is coming for it’s crown.


It’s quite amusing to see how things come full circle. Bloodborne isn’t just a developer trying their hand at a brutal action RPG, far from it. Bloodborne is under the directorship of Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of Demon’s Souls & Dark Souls (supervisor on Dark Souls 2). It’s almost like the old master coming back to defeat what he has created, if you were to take a dramatic outlook on this. It’s a interesting story which ever way you look at it, even more so given it’s one of the PS4′s big exclusives.

To make things even more interesting, Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2 release on the PS4 within a week of each other. Bloodborne is set for the release date of 27/03/2015, Dark Souls 2: Scholar Of The First Sin comes out on 07/04/2015. As you’d imagine, this naturally puts them in competition with each other. While some loyal fans might try to make this into some kind of issue, the fact is, competition is great.


Competition forces improvement, it forces progression, it forces creativity. If Bloodborne manages to truly challenge, if not outperform, Dark Souls 2 (in terms of quality and/or sales), this will surely spur on From Software. The connections between the two releases give the whole thing a interesting edge, even more so given the excitement surrounding Bloodborne. After the adequate Lords of the Fallen, there’s a lot of focus on what Bloodborne can bring to the table. Will Bloodborne create the same culture and fan base the same way Dark Souls has? Will people still be streaming and speed running Bloodborne years after it’s release? Only time will tell.

It’s a odd concept that From Software are competing with their own game. Dark Souls is already established, it’s already seen as a modern classic. Bloodborne, and From Software, are competing to get out of the shadow of their own work of art. It’s bizarre, but brilliantly so. How would the success/failure affect the future of the Dark Souls franchise?, if at all.

It’s a great time to be a fan of these sorts of games. Two big games, both with genuine pedigree behind them. Even without the connection between the two games, both releases would be exciting. When you add in the story and connection behind games, it gives the whole thing that little touch of theater. Dark Souls 2 Vs. Bloodborne, everyone wins.


Sean Halliday

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