Bloodborne Has This Generation At Its Feet

Bloodborne Has This Generation At Its Feet

As Bloodborne slowly creeps closer to release, the buzz around the game is feverish. It’s hard not to get excited, From Software have worked their PR campaign almost perfectly. No in your face Internet adverts, no social media spam, no promises of the world, just gameplay footage and screenshots.

From Software have almost created the anti-hype train, without even uttering a word. The fact there’s still immense amount of interest surrounding Bloodborne, without any of the typical Triple A marketing, is a testament to a game’s potential trumping that of a game’s marketability. There’s a argument to be made that over promotion is a typically Western trait.

Bloodborne has a lot of responsibility on it’s shoulders, but not by choice. This generation, as young as it may be, hasn’t exactly blown anyone away. The exclusives on both the Xbox One and PS4 have been decent, but not great. There’s been a level of expectation around each exclusive, that expectation has carried from game to game.

People are still waiting for that one game to truly deliver the ‘next generation’ experience. A game that screams quality, engrosses the player, gets people talking about their in-game experience. Bloodborne is on track to do exactly that, but it’s being coy about it.


The lack of a marketing assault may just be the best thing to happen to Bloodborne. Some may say it could jeopardise the sales numbers, but I disagree. Much like Demon Souls and Dark Souls before it, Bloodborne can easily become a word of mouth success story. From Software’s pedigree is enough to sell a decent amount of copies to the already established fan base , that fan base will sell further copies via word of mouth. Is it enough to sell PS4 consoles? That’s a whole different question.

Exclusives are there to bring in the consumer, it’s one of the main defining factors when it comes to buying a system. At the moment, the PS4 and Xbox One are pretty much on level ground in this sense, Bloodborne could change this. It’s one of the many reasons why Bloodborne is such a interesting release.

As a fan of Demon Souls, and a casual player of Dark Souls, Bloodborne is a must buy. I can’t help but shake the feeling that From Software are onto a winner. There’s no obvious warning signs of a bad game, no DLC controversies, no social issues, just a straight up release. Bloodborne is coming out at the perfect time, From Software could very well be on their way to claiming the ‘New Generation’ as their conquered land.


Sean Halliday

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  1. Truth
    March 14, 2015, 1:19 pm

    All this means is that it will disappoint more, like everything Sony.

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