Bloodborne: A System Seller?

Bloodborne: A System Seller?

As a massive fan of the Demons Souls, and Dark Souls series you can probably imagine my excitement for Bloodborne (recently Project Beast) which is an exclusive for the PS4 with a slated 2015 release date. Now, as it stands I’m not really interested in buying the console as there are no exclusives really catching my eye other than The Order, and of course Bloodborne.

Does this mean I’m turned off from the console? Aside from the few snarky tweets I made during E3 I’m still very much interested in the console. I just need more than two exclusives to fully draw me in. That being said, Bloodborne is doing one hell of a job getting my money ready for a purchase on the console.

Sony has been pretty good with making exclusives to sell me on their systems. With me forking out nearly $300 on a PS3 just to play Last Of Us was a little crazy, but I don’t regret that purchase one bit. Last Of Us was a solid game, but I never did get around to playing that DLC.

As it stands though, I don’t really know much about Bloodborne other than it’s going to be very similar to Demon Souls, and Dark Souls judging from not only the development team (From Software) but also from the trailer, and the leaked gameplay trailer I saw a few days back. It’s got an epic gothic-horror setting almost, and it instantly made me think we’d be playing in Victorian London which would of been an awesome setting. Now, this doesn’t seem like the case but feels more like some sort of inspiration for the game.

If any game could sell me on the console it would be Bloodborne, but I won’t discount or remove The Order from the mix either. That game looks equally as fun, and terrifying. Will it be as difficult as the Souls games? We’ll have to wait and see until 2015 but if things keep going down this route for Bloodborne I’ll be forking out the money for the console.

Or, if we get a Bloodborne bundle. That would be sweet.

Here’s the debut trailer for Bloodborne that was shown during Sony’s E3 conference last week.

Justin Ross


  1. Dave
    June 17, 2014, 9:55 am

    PS4 really does not need system sellers, it is selling like hot cakes all over the world, it is the fastest selling console in history. But Bloodborne does looks amazing, massive fan base of Dark Souls fans out there, this will shift a lot of PS4s as it is exclusive.

    • Justin Ross
      June 17, 2014, 6:16 pm

      Sadly, I’m not 100% sold on the console. Most of my friends are gaming on their Xbox Ones, and I’m more excited for their exclusives and hence me getting the One as my first dip into this new generation.

      Bloodborne, and The Order are the only exclusives that make me want a Ps4 at this stage in the game. We’ll see what happens next year.

  2. Truth
    June 17, 2014, 12:01 pm

    Definitely not a system seller. The Souls games are not for the kind at heart.

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