Black Desert Online’s Littlest, But Most Annoying, Problem

Black Desert Online’s Littlest, But Most Annoying, Problem

Black Desert Online has plenty going in its favour. Top notch visuals and fantastic combat allow for the game to stand out instantly. MMORPGs simply do not look like this, at least for the most part. The infamous character creation has became a whole new element within its self. Black Desert does have one problem worth covering.

Starting a new MMORPG is a lengthy process. Making accounts, filling in details and awaiting for the required emails. Logging in, creating characters and finding a name that’s not in use. Next comes selection, which race and class should you play? Are any of them underpowered?! It often leads to a few hours of research.

Once you’re into the game, the real fun starts. Learning the mechanics of each skill, the role your class plays, it can be very overwhelming. Black Desert is especially guilty of this. From the second the player enters the game, they’re blitzed with information. Pop up menus fly all over the screen, informing of various different mechanics and options available. Even as a MMORPG veteran, the sheer volume of information fired towards the player is overwhelming.

There’s an argument to be made that Black Desert is so deep that it needs to bombard players with information. It’s a legitimate point, but the way in which information is passed to the player needs work. With a rather large HUD, the constant stream of windows can clutter the interface. Tool bars and icons feel like a much more efficient method.


Informing players was always going to be tricky. The sheer scale of various mechanics is hard to explain in digestible instalments. Given this is based on time spent in the Beta, Black Desert still has plenty of time to address the issue. Studying the finer points of the game is part of the appeal, but wiggle room needs to be present.

EVE Online is a great example of how to feed information to its players. Each mechanic is explained in detail, without being overwhelming. Players are treated to feed of details and options that result in a much more effective learning process. Information overload may not be Black Desert’s biggest issue, but it is worth addressing.

Sean Halliday

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