Bethesda’s Sofa Sales Tactics & Lack Of Story DLC Cheapens Fallout

Bethesda’s Sofa Sales Tactics & Lack Of Story DLC Cheapens Fallout

Fallout 4′s DLC has been revealed, but there’s a catch. The season pass will be going up in price from £24.99 to £39.99. That’s a pretty heavy hike, so what’s the problem? Well it all depends on how you view it, and how willing you are to be subjective.

The season pass gets you three pieces of DLC, with only one of them seemingly adding much content. ‘Automatron’ comes out in March and features The Robobrain, last seen in New Vegas. This DLC will ‘also’ allow players to customize their robotic companions using ‘hundreds’ of mods.

Wasteland Workshop is the second DLC which allows players to design and set cages to catch creatures. Players will be able to witness captured creatures fight each other, or fighting settlements. Oh and there’s also new options for your settlements. This all sounds a bit…flakey?

Both DLC packs seem to focus on further customization options for features already in the game. Tacking bits onto a companion you might use sounds quite nice doesn’t it? Not for £7.99 it doesn’t. Is it really adding content to Fallout 4? or is it nothing more than a fancier ‘Horse armour’ style offering.

The way in which Bethesda worded their press release, focusing on the ‘hundreds’ of mods suggest this is what will form the core of the DLC offering. It’s slightly worrying that they’ve went from adding genuine story driven content in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, to dressing up robots that you might use.

As for Wasteland Workshop, the word ‘why’ springs to mind. Designing cages? Capturing creatures and watching them fight? You can find this on Youtube thanks to crafty PC users. Bethseda has clearly seen the amount of views these videos generate and said ‘£3.99 and you can do the same’. What does it add? Nothing, it literally adds nothing to the Fallout experience. Interestingly, they’ve also tacked on new settlement options. The core settlement mechanic is functioning without these extras, what will they add? Novelties? It all sounds a bit like content you’d get for free not that long ago.

Bethseda have clearly seen the money Fallout 4 has generated and saw a goldmine. Neither of these DLC packs suggest they add anything worth while to the game. Fallout 3 and New Vegas played host to new stories and fresh environments, why not continue that?

In fairness, the final DLC named ‘For Harbor’ seems like the only one worth caring about. It’s a new case for the Valentine Detective Agency that will see players venture to a new island. The land suffers from higher levels of radiation, resulting in a more feral world. Synths and Children of the Atom battle for control while the locals try to survive. This is actual content, expanding the game and delivering worth while experiences. That’ll be £24.99 please.

£24.99 is a pretty hefty price. When you compare it to Dying Light’s The Following DLC which cost a fair £14.99. It’s even more hefty when you think back to how much Fallout 3′s season pass originally cost, and that got you three DLC packs that expanded the story content of the game.

Bethseda have reassured people that if they buy the season pass now, at the current price, they’ll still get the DLC. The pass increase will happen on March 1st. Bethseda are literally selling you Fallout 4′s DLC the same was DFS sell sofas. ‘Buy it now before it goes back to it’s higher price’. It’s troubling that out of three pieces of DLC, only one is anything worthy of note. It all reeks of trying to flog season passes off the back of a deadline.


Why spend so much time crafting quality Fallout worlds only to cheapen it with weak DLC?

Sean Halliday

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