Ben Affleck’s Batsuit Revealed!

Ben Affleck’s Batsuit Revealed!

By now, the internet is freaking out over the reveal of Ben Affleck’s batsuit which he’ll be throwing on for Batman vs Superman. The film is being helmed by Zack Snyder and is to be the follow-up to Man Of Steel which introduced Henry Cavill as Superman. These two heroes will also be joined by Gal Gadot who will be playing Wonder Woman, Jeremy Irons playing Bruce Wayne/Batman’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth and Jesse Eisenberg (still skeptical) as Lex Luthor.

The film, to be released in May of 2016 will be the first appearance of Ben Affleck as Batman. People are saying he doesn’t fit the role, or it just won’t work, but haven’t seen him in action yet. I am incredibly excited for Affleck in the role and I can’t get over how good both the Batsuit, and the new Batmobile look. They’re both just lovely.

Justin Ross

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