Bayonetta 2: Packing The Soul 2014 Forgot

Bayonetta 2: Packing The Soul 2014 Forgot

2014 has been a hit or miss year for video games, at least from a personal point of view. There’s a number of big releases that have felt a little soulless. While the production values may be top notch on the likes of Watch Dogs, EA UFC and the Evil Within, the games never felt like they had much character. Does this make them bad games? Not really, but it does make them rather forgettable. A video game with charm and character can easily overcome it’s bigger issues, be it a technical issue or something less serious.

In the crowd of mature, gritty and challenging titles comes the sheer joys of Bayonetta 2. Bright, bold, beautiful and nothing but sheer fun. It’s a stark reminder to why many people enjoy video games to begin with, Bayonetta 2 just wants to entertain, nothing more, nothing less. Bayonetta 2 contains all the charm of the first, the laughs, the ‘wtf’ moments, it’s all here with added finesse. The franchise has felt like a love letter to video games while progressing the genre.


From the first second, till the last, Bayonetta 2 keeps a cheeky smirk on the players face. While the game is technically sound, it’s the central character Bayonetta that keeps the game moving with a sense of glee. Her personality is infections, each line filled with a mixture of confidence and almost comedic tones. Without the character, the game would lose most of its charm leaving it feeling another just another video game. The Mary Poppins of Witchcraft, Bayonetta unexpectedly broke out to become a modern video game icon, and Bayonetta 2 pushes her even further.


Combine the charm of the character with the tight controls and over the top nature of the game and it’s a perfect storm. It’s hard not to feel invested in the game, it’s almost impossible not to have fun in some shape or form. The amount of action going on, the creativity with each move and combo, it’s a true spectacle to behold. Even after the blitz of next generation hype, the simple nature of Bayonetta 2 blows everything out of the water.

In a industry which has seemingly forgotten ‘fun’, Bayonetta 2 feels like a breath of fresh air. There’s no hidden meanings, there’s no depressing moral choices, no attempts at making the player feel sympathetic, it’s just simple video game thrills.

Sean Halliday

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  1. Julz
    December 1, 2014, 2:13 am

    I’m a huge fan of the Bayonetta franchise and think it’s time I give in and get myself a Wii U so I can play this one. Every review I’ve read so far has been fantastic!

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