Battlefront Is EA’s Beautiful DLC Cash Grab

Battlefront Is EA’s Beautiful DLC Cash Grab

Star Wars Battlefront looks fantastic, it sound amazing and plays smoother than R2D2′s dome, but the lack of content is inexcusable. After sinking in a good six hours, the rotation of the same four maps makes the whole thing feel like a Beta test, rather than a full release. The same four maps over and over again. The same four maps across different modes, with variation in size to suit the game type. Four maps, full retail price.

It’s honestly not a huge surprise to me, which is the sad thing. The moment I saw EA’s claim of 16 maps included in the Season Pass, I sighed and feared the worst. Battlefront has all the tools to succeed, even with the odd niggling flaw, but EA have seemingly turned it into a cash grab.


Four maps in a full retail game,soon to be five if you pre-ordered Battlefront. Normally I’d try to remain balanced, try and see it from both sides. Maybe DICE were working to a tight deadline, maybe all the maps were not ready for launch day? As much as I’d like to think that, the fact the season pass is packed with maps pushes me to a much more cynical view.

Some people may be fine with four maps, with each mode repeating the maps but on differing scales. Some people might find it a strong starting point, but I find that view highly ignorant. Once you’ve sat through a fair play session, you’ve pretty much seen everything Battlefront has to offer. It’s simple gameplay works well, but given the lack of content, the whole package begins to feel shallow.

During the Beta, I found the lack of deep customization options to be refreshing. Pick up and play, no meta game, no real strategy, just simple multiplayer thrills. The issue is, when those simple thrills are stuck in a tired loop of same maps over and over, the fun dwindles quickly. It’s not that the maps are bad, they’re decent…but that’s just it, they’re only decent.

The fact EA are happy to ship Battlefront with only four maps, one of which everyone’s already played in the BETA, is astounding. After all the build up, all of the DICE scripted gameplay videos and trailers. It’s all been one huge act of misdirection and white lies.

It’s a genuine shame that Battlefront has turned out to be such a lopsided cash grab. There is things within the game to enjoy, the spectacle, that Star Wars feel, intense action. Battlefront’s success are utterly undetermined by the huge lack of content, and the lack of maps.

I’m not trying to tell people not to buy Battlefront, I just want people to be aware of how EA see the Battlefront product. This is not a full game, the full game comes with the season pass. As a huge fan of both Star Wars and the Battlefront franchise, this feel like a huge insult to legacy and memories the original title left. 2015 has been the year for spitting on memorable franchises (see Activsion and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 and Konami with…well everything), and this is just another case of this. Battlefront looks and sounds exactly like a Star Wars game should, unfortunately all EA see is a pile of cash.



Sean Halliday

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  1. Peter D2
    November 19, 2015, 10:15 pm

    So, after intro to this article i can say that this game sound…borning. Four maps its littlebit to small amout to play multplayer. And we will get more maps, but we must pay for them. Again, i pay to play. Its ridiculous. Fom my point of view i s better to wait san spend my money to Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, which will be aviable in next year. Tehere will be campaign for one player and there will be multiplayer.

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