Battlefield 1′s Four Most Annoying Traits

Battlefield 1′s Four Most Annoying Traits

Battlefield 1 is currently storming the charts, as well as earning high praise from consumer and critics alike. With amazing visuals, intense multiplayer action, and a campaign that’s not too shabby. There’s plenty to enjoy, but it’s not perfect.

Frustrations and annoyances float around very aspects of the game, not all of them are exactly DICE’s fault however. These are three worst things about Battlefield 1 -



Scaled Back Destruction -


For a game set during a time where the power of explosives and artillery was stunning the masses, not much can really be blown up. A number of walls will remain standing unless hit by certain weapons or vehicles. Dynamite will have little affect on some structures, resulting a look of confusion on the player’s face.

Bombs and tanks rip through the map, but field guns not so much. It’s not a major problem, but does take away some aspects of realism and strategy. Past Battlefield games would allow players to blow up would be sniper potions, Battlefield 1 is a little less accommodating. In general, it would have been nice to see more of the map rip and tear under the pressures of war.

But hey, at least the Zeppelins look amazing as they crash to earth.



Team Work Makes The Dream Work -


Players who join the game in a party will automatically form a squad in-game, awesome. The catch comes in the shape of those squads being set to private by default. It results in most games being filled with random two-three man private squads, making the game feel less of a team experience. Unfortunately it also has an influence on a team’s performance. Squad spawns can change the tide of a match. Effective squads can flank enemies, allowing team mates and push onto objectives. The bigger the squad, the more effective squad spawns are.


Working as a team is not only hugely helpful, but it’s a core principle of Battlefield on the whole. Spot enemies, supply allies, hold positions. It all makes for a successful team. It’s just a shame that so many people stay in their small private squads. Just set them to open by default, please DICE.


Tanks, Snipers And The Pains Of Life -


Everyone single Battlefield game ever has had issues with snipers. Those players who will sit at the back of the map, refusing to do anything but snipe. Battlefield 1 is jam packed with these people. Each of the sniper rifles are pretty simple to use, almost to simple. Bullet drop and damage reduction isn’t all that harsh, allowing even the most novice sharpshooter to succeed.

You could easily argue that sniping within the game is too easy. The design of the maps allows for players to hide away with relative ease, rarely fearing attack. Counter-sniping is a option, but that only leads to more snipers. It’s not rare to see a game devolve to snipers on top of snipers with even more snipers.

Tanks provide their own issues. In short, it’s far too easy to repair them and remain safe. Open maps like the Sinai Desert are often dominated by one or two armoured units. The only real counter to tanks is the fairly short ranged anti-tank grenade, dynamite and mines. They all require the player to get up close however, which is near impossible on maps lacking cover. Projectile anti-tank weapons do very little, forcing players to use the before mentioned tools.


Not Another Pistol -

bf1 deluxe battle pack 4_zpslgxize4l

You finally get a Battle Pack and it’s another pistol.

Sean Halliday


  1. Justin Ross
    November 1, 2016, 12:01 am

    I just wanna edit my load-out in the menus :(

  2. The_Evil_Doktor
    November 6, 2016, 5:55 pm

    Snipers only bother me when I’m playing Rush and my team who is meant to be attacking is jame packed with snipers who don’t even spot. Other than that snipers are an inconvenience who worry about their oh-so-precious K/D. NONE of them will have a W/L even close to those of us who actually PTFO.

    The thing that really annoy me are the horses. OP to hell. I’ve seen them (and their riders) survive dynamite, direct hits from tank shells, bombs dropped right on top of them from attack planes and bombers…

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