Battleborn’s Poor Matchmaking & Microtransactions Continue To Sink The Game

Battleborn’s Poor Matchmaking & Microtransactions Continue To Sink The Game

Battleborn’s hardships have no end in sight. As a fan of the game, I’ve invested around 35+ hours in the game. The combination of MOBA and shooter elements had me hooked. Interesting characters and mechanics kept the game fresh, for a time at least.

Critical and user reviews had been rather positive, including on Steam user reviews. The honeymoon period is over. Battleborn’s rating now sits at ‘mixed’, with a number of players becoming disillusioned with the game.


There’s a number of reasons to why Battleborn is dropping players as the weeks go by. Matchmaking has been a mess since release, often setting low levels against high levels. It’s a issue that has became inescapable due to the low player count. The item system at the heart of the game, has profound affects on gameplay.

Most players, including myself, took the addition of microtransactions as the last straw. Battleborn’s lack of ‘pay-to-win’ was one of the reasons many people praised the game. You couldn’t simply walk in at level one and splash the cash on skins and loot packs. Now you can, and there’s a bitter taste left in the mouth of many.

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Speculation has turned towards the concept that the match making issues support pay-to-win mindsets. The only way to level the playing ground against higher tier players is to buy loot packs. It may not be intentional, but that’s how it feels at the moment.

Players in the likes of Australia and New Zeland have reported not being able to find many games. If they do find find a game, it’s often plagued with high pings.


Battleborn is a mess, a mess which continues to sink into obscurity. At retail, the worth of the game is falling at a rapid rate. From £50 to £15 in the space of month. Where does the game go from here? Sorting out matchmaking would be a solid start. The damage has been done. Adding microtransactions was just another bad move.

At this point in time, perhaps free-to-play would be the best step forward. The console side will probably be gone by the end of the year, free-to-play could at least give the game a hope. Either way, Battleborn has been disastrous.

Sean Halliday

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