Battleborn Now Needs To Go Free-To-Play

Battleborn Now Needs To Go Free-To-Play

Battleborn’s continued free-fall into irrelevance is a little saddening, but not all that unexpected. Poor marketing and a release window choice never left the game with much hope to truly succeed. The fact is, Battleborn isn’t a ‘bad’ game, it’s just been utterly buried.

Given a fair chunk of the game is multiplayer, the current player numbers leave the game in a very poor state. Things haven’t really improved either. The addition of microtransactions left the player base, albeit a small one, rather bitter. It was always one positive the game had, you couldn’t just pay your way to an advantage.


How does the game go from dead in the water to somewhat active? It’s simple, replicate Evolve. The former punchline has made a huge step forward by adopting a free-to-play model. Player numbers of shot up, breathing life into the game. With 2K publishing both Evolve and Battleborn, it makes perfect sense to sallow pride and put the Moba-like shooter out there for free.

Battleborn doesn’t have a huge toxic reputation to turn over like Evolve did. It was never a vehicle for abusive DLC practices. The only bitter points it had/has was the microtransactions, which most people don’t even know about. There’s a clean slate to be taken advantage of.


GearBox are producing new content for the game on a fairly regularly basis. It seems odd that they’d be happy to release it if no one is bothering to play it. Evolve shared a similar issue, Turtle Rock released a healthy number of characters but no one was playing the damn game. They’ve made their choice, people are now enjoying a game full of content for nothing at all, creating a player base in the process.

While Evolve (Stage 2) is generous to its players in terms of the process of unlocking, there’s still a means to buy instant unlocks. There’s nothing stopping Battleborn from doing the same. Free-to-play opens up a wealth of options in terms of premium content. Selling packs (containing certain heroes) is perfectly viable, assuming the pricing wasn’t too harsh. Then there’s all the season passes, skin packs and existent microtransactions. It all just makes sense.


Making the best of a worst situation is exactly what Battleborn needs. It doesn’t mean the game will suddenly become a red hot hit, but least it’ll give it a purpose. At the moment, Battleborn is a barely played titled cluttering up retail stores. The fact it’s on shelf worth has plummeted to £15 is proof people don’t want to pay for the game.

Why let it rot away and die? Take a note from Evolve’s latest chapter, go free-to-play, it’s the only move that makes sense.

Sean Halliday

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