Banner Saga 2 Release Date Revealed

Banner Saga 2 Release Date Revealed

The Banner Saga 2 has finally been given a official release date. Launching on April 19th, The Banner Saga 2 expands upon the solid foundations of the original. Player choice will again shape the story. Improved combat will open up a wealth of options, both in the name of victory and defeat. If the first game is anything to go by,expect the Banner Saga 2 to be challenging, engaging and quite possibly soul destroying.


Fusing together elements from classic strategy titles and RPGs, the series has grown to become a shinning light in the indie scene. The unique art style grabbed people’s attention back in 2014. The Banner Saga also appeared on Playstation 4.

The press release made no mentions of any other versions, but this could change after the PC release is over and done with.

New races will also make their appearance along side a host of new characters and enemies. Pre-orders are live on Steam, with 10% off the asking price.


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