Are Killable Children In Games Wrong?

Are Killable Children In Games Wrong?

A controversial topic. Should killable children be implemented into games, or is it just plain wrong? It all depends on how the developers incorporate and if it’s not done in bad taste, so it very much relies on the execution of the whole thing (no pun intended). People have always felt that games like Skyrim, and especially Fallout 3 should have incorporate these elements without the implementation of mods that have been made. I’m not going to lie though, I did download the mod that allowed children to be killed in Skyrim. Why? Because it adds a whole new level of “realism” when everyone can be killed, and no one is safe.

A dragon attacking the city? Kids are at risk too, even the ones you adopt.

Kids have been offed in media before and no one really seems to bat an eye, or complain about it as much if a developer went ahead an incorporated something like this into their games. Look at the developers of No More Room In Hell which was a mod based on Half-Life 2, and now a standalone game.

They’ve had children zombies in-game since the beginning, and the media only started reporting about it big-time since the game got Greenlit and on it’s way to being released on Steam. Sure, they’re only zombie kids but it’s part of the game, and just makes sense to me in general. Kids wouldn’t be untouched by a zombie outbreak, they’d be infected and killed too. It’s nice to see these guys stay true to their game and not back down with people hounding them, and breathing down their necks. Plus, their implementation isn’t in bad taste it’s just “Realism” and what you would truly expect from an outbreak of infected/zombies. Even though you can blow the kid’s heads off, and smash their skulls open.

So, with the development of Alas Mortis which is my own indie game set in the horror genre I’ve tossed in, and supported the ability to have children die. Why? It’s all part of the narrative and will bring a more emotional, and raw sense to the game in general. Players are going to be attached to this young girl named Amelia, and if she does end up dying the goal and plans are to make the other human players to feel responsible for her and upset at her passing.

I bet I’ll see some controversy, and negative views towards that implementation, but I’m doing it for the narrative and part of the backstory to the game in general. Yeah, she can die in pretty violent and gruesome ways (as will the other humans if they’re killed) but that’s not the reasoning of tossing her in. She’ll make players emotional, and come to love her. Then, if she is offed there’s going to be a sense of guilt flowing through the players. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.

So, I feel like it’s a whole two-sided thing right now. Sure, it’s probably wrong to throw killable kids into a game just to have that get you your media coverage, or just to say what the hell. But, if developers can put some reasoning behind it, and not make it in bad taste then I don’t see the issue.

It’s a controversial topic. So, readers. What do you think?


Justin Ross

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  1. Havocweasel
    March 26, 2014, 7:50 pm

    I think they should be killable. I don’t see why not. Like you said, it makes it more realistic, especially in free-roam, sandbox, or zombie games

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