April’s Best Games: The Month of Challenging Delights

April’s Best Games: The Month of Challenging Delights

April was seemingly the month of tough games. It’s a welcome change to see so many new games come to the market, refusing to hold the player’s hand. Failure is nothing but a learning process in video games, ask anyone with a taste for old school experiences. These are the best games released in April.


Dark Souls 3:

The final instalment in one of the finest modern franchises, Dark Souls 3 was the perfect climax. Witnessing the journey of From Software’s core concepts and mechanics has been oddly enjoyable. From the niche manner of the initial debut in Demon Souls, the cult following spawned in Dark Souls and the welcoming of the masses in Bloodborne. Word of mouth and reputation have severed the games well.


Dark Souls 3 is a finely tuned piece of work. Tight combat, near perfect hit boxes and a level design that leaves even the most jaded of people impressed. By the times the credits start to a roll, it feels like you’ve been on a true journey. I can’t help but nod my head in respect that From Software have stuck to their guns throughout, finding success critically and financially.

Don’t be intimidated by its reputation, plunge in Dark Souls 3, enjoy it for the quality game it is.



DiRT: Rally

Even as someone whose not really into driving games, DiRT: Rally truly satisfies. Each event feels like a new challenge. Every turn is a struggle between the car and the elements. Scratching precious seconds off a time always feels earned, never given.

I’ve jokingly refereed to DiRT: Rally as ‘The Dark Souls of driving games’ but the more I play, the more it feels accurate. The game strips away most of the gimmicks and frills found in most other modern day racers. There’s time points system, no means to cheat failure, it’s all down to skill.

Challenging and unforgiven, DiRT: Rally is one of 2016′s biggest surprises, and one of April’s best games.





Sean Halliday

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