Apotheon – The Best Game Nobody Is Talking About

Apotheon – The Best Game Nobody Is Talking About

Every now and then, a game sneaks out with little to no marketing or hype. These games exist in their own little corner of the market, dwelling in silence. Apotheon is one of these very games, a hushed release during a busy period. While big games roll out, Apotheon neatly placed it’s self on PS4, offered for free as part of PSN +. It’s there, it’s quietly existing, and it’s brilliant.

A curious 2d platform action-RPG set within Greek mythology. While the concept may not sound all that mind blowing, the game is a genuine hidden gem. As odd as it sounds, Apotheon feels like a mix between Castlevaina and Dark Souls. The movement is fluid, the level design layered, there’s a distinctly old school approach to how each stage is crafted, rewarding the player for exploration and observation.


The combat revolves around learning enemy attacking patters and skills. The player is required to pick their attacks and movements well. Each enemy has their own traits and weapon, forcing the player to change their own weapon to best accommodate the encounter. It all makes for intense miniature duals as blows are exchanged and arrows fly.

Boss battles are where Apotheon truly shines. Each fight consists of feeling out the bosses attacks and figuring out how best to react to them. The way each location is designed pushes the player to move the encounter around, never allowing this to become stale. Narrowly avoid attacks, perfectly evading projectiles and then landing your own, it’s all kinds of satisfying.


Perhaps Apotheon’s most striking feature, the art style is simply beautiful. The game glows with colour, forcing witnesses to acknowledge the sight before them. Taking inspiration from ancient Greek pottery, the visuals are vibrant, popping off the screen. The whole game is a visual feat, it doesn’t look like a game, it instead looks like a piece of art. It’s hard to truly do the visuals justice with words, it’s simply a game that has to be seen.

Apotheon is a game that deserve far more attention, it’s a slick, it’s beautiful, it’s truly worth anyone’s time. Each nook and cranny of the game is crafted with such a touch of craftsmanship. In a month of Triple A games all wanting to blow the masses away, Apotheon is a brilliant slice of hoy. Currently included in the free library for PSN + users, it would be a disservice to yourself not to play it.


Sean Halliday

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