Amiibo Wave Two: Chaos At Retail, Profit On E-bay

Amiibo Wave Two: Chaos At Retail, Profit On E-bay

There’s utter chaos, no one knows exactly what is going, or why it’s happening. It’s hit like a ton of bricks, leaving people confused, disappointed, just searching for a answer. The second wave of Amiibos has hit, and the retail space has went crazy.

While the official EU release isn’t till the 19/12/2014, GAME have been flogging them since mid last week, at a inflated price. Pre-orders for wave two started being processed this week, but most orders have been cancelled without explanation. GAME customers were treated to as e-mail informing them of a refund, but that’s it. Zavvi customer had the same, with a few customers being told it was down to a ‘price change’.


It’s left a lot of people in a desperate rush to try and find a site/store to get their Amiibos from. While some of wave two are easy enough to acquire, there’s a few Amiibos that have already became rare. Little Mac and Pit have already became the ‘must owns’ of wave two, and the retail space reflects that. Both Amiibos are either listed as sold out, or aren’t listed at all. Little Mac is currently on e-bay, with bids hitting upwards of £35.

The average customer/collector is increasingly falling under the hammer of the ‘e-bayer’. The guy/girl who buys a item purely with the means to sell them at a spiked price. The Amiibo has became the ultimate e-bayer item, and given retail seem all to willing to spike their prices as well. The consumer is at the mercy of spiked prices and sharp e-bayers, this in itself threatens the whole concept of Amiibos.

As each wave becomes a target of e-bayers, the chances of getting a full collection (without paying far above the items value) become slimmer and slimmer. It’s a genuine shame, but it was always to be expected. With retailers seemingly unable to be reliable, or even consistent with pricing, the Amiibo may be a victim of it’s own success.

Sean Halliday

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