Amiibo Prices Doubles, Are They Even Worth It?

Amiibo Prices Doubles, Are They Even Worth It?

As the Amiibo fever continues to spread, it seems even the retailers are starting to get in on the scalping action.

ShopTo have decided to increase their prices to a sicking £19.99 per Amiibo, after months of being top dog in terms of value and service, at least for Amiibos.

To put the price spike into perspective, Amiibo started of at £10.99 on Shopto, and remained at that price till about a month ago when they went up to £14.99. This price matched up with all other retailers, namely GAME. The further increase to £19.99 now makes ShopTo the most pricey option outside of E-bay and private sellers.

ShopTo have yet to comment on why they have decided to raise their price in such a sharp manner. It’s interesting that all previous waves have now been desisted from their site.

Is £20 per Amiibo too much to pay? Are retailers getting just as bad as scalpers? ShopTo certainly feel like they are.




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Sean Halliday

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