10 Reasons Why Nintendo Will Dominate 2015

10 Reasons Why Nintendo Will Dominate 2015

Nintendo started 2014 in a pretty rough state. While the 3DS was doing well, the Wii U was struggling in terms of sales, and it’s public reputation. Often a system that was mocked, for it’s lack of games and less powerful hardware, Nintendo had a task on their hands when it came to pushing the Wii U out there. After a strong run of releases, and a fantastic E3, Nintendo ended 2014 in style. The Wii U now boasts the likes of Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2.

2015 has been ushered in by Nintendo riding a wave of a success, let alone a new money maker in the shape of Amiibos. Nintendo look set to take 2015 by storm, with a host of new original games, returning iconic franchises and a new shiny 3DS. Here are ten reasons why Nintendo will dominate 2015.


  1. The Virtual Console


Nintendo have already started off well by adding three classics to their Virtual Console service. Announced during their recent Nintendo Direct, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Donky Kong Country Returns and The Metroid Prime Trilogy were being added to the service. Nintendo want to make a statement about the Virtual Console, they even went as far as to discount the new additions by 50%.

With the sheer amount of classics games in their library, Nintendo can truly turn the Virtual Console service into a major selling point. By adding Wii titles, the core library of games will be increased dramatically, not just in numbers, but in quality. The service has heaps of potential to become something great. With the announcement of Wii titles on Virtual Console, it’s likely N64 and Gamecube games will soon appear on the service.

Nintendo have started to see the worth of the Virtual Console, and with the Wii U, the service looks set to flourish in 2015.


  1. Downloadable Content


Nintendo are set to supplement three of the Wii U’s biggest games with DLC. Mario Kart 8 will be further expanded upon, with new karts, characters and tracks. Hyrule Warriors will be adding new playable characters to it’s roster, including cult favorite Tingle. Super Smash Bros will be welcoming MewTwo to it’s ranks, the first DLC of many for Nintendo’s crossover brawler.

While Nintendo aren’t known for adding a great deal of DLC to their games, it’s what they add that gets people interested. The power of Nostalgia is one of Nintendo’s greatest weapons, by adding treasured characters to their biggest games, Nintendo will certainly be in for more success in 2015. In Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Hyrule Warriors, Nintendo have amassed three fantastic platforms for their DLC plans.



  1. Getting Creative


The ability to allow players to create content isn’t anything new. From map editors, to games based purely on creating content, it’s a tried and tested formula. Nintendo are heavily investing in player creations throughout 2015. Their key title in this push is Mario Maker. The Wii U application allows players to create, share and play Mario levels. The side scroller includes a nifty feature that gives the player the ability to switch between visual styles from across the history of Mario. From the 8-bit NES visuals, to the modern New Super Mario Bros. U graphics, all playable with a push of a button.

Mario Maker makes use of the Wii U’s pad, allowing players to easily design levels with a flick of the stylus. The most exciting concept of the game, is the ability to share designs. The Miiverse is a perfect place to share, and discuss, user created levels. The in-game reviewing system allows for players to be rewarded for creating content, these rewards upon up more options to use in the application. It’s a system that rewards creativity and quality by supplying users with more tools.

While Mario Maker isn’t a ‘Triple A’ addition to the Wii U, it’s concept could become one of the platforms major social success. In the age of sharing, be it through Miiverse, social media, or even YouTube, Mario Maker could easily become a big hit.


  1. Yoshi Returns


Yoshi’s Woolly World typifies Nintendo’s approach to modern platformers. Similar to Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Yoshi’s Woolly world shows off the Wii U’s ability to produce beautiful visuals, as well as provide players with the ability to utilize the Wii U’s touch screen controller. A strong focus on co-op provides Woolly World with a strong backbone to it’s gameplay. Combing various strands of wool, via the touch screen, to traverse each stage looks to keep the gameplay feeling fresh.

While Yoshi may of made appearances in Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8, Woolly World will be his first solo outing on the Wii U. It’s refreshing to see Nintendo using their other characters in more experimental games, much like they did in late 2014 with the release of Captain Toad.



  1. Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.


When the team behind Advanced Wars and Fire Emblem announce a new turned based game, excitement is created. Code Name: S.T.E.A.M represents a slight deviation for Intelligent Systems. While the game is turn-based, things are scaled back a little, with players put in control of a squad, rather than a army. The 4-man squads are made up of various characters, all of which boast unique traits and skills.

Strategy and tactical analysis form the heart of the game, with player movements fueled by steam. Making the most out of each movement or attack is the key to victory. Given Intelligent Systems pedigree, it’s safe to assume that the tactical element of S.T.E.A.M will be solid. Nintendo have seemingly taken S.T.E.A.M under their wing as one of the next big games for the 3DS. With Amiibo and multiplayer support, it fits the bill when it comes to Nintendo’s progression with online multiplayer in 2015. Code Name: S.T.E.A.M is the true dark horse of the 3DS, and one of the more intriguing games of 2015.


  1. Painting By Numbers


What started as a game many looked passed, Splatoon has slowly started to create it’s very own hype train. The third-person shooter pits players against each other in a bid to cover in each other, as well as the level, in paint. The paint has different effects and abilities, some colours allow the player to hide in the paint, while others boost player movement. Multiplayer shooters are common place in the modern market, but Splatoon’s paint mechanic genuinely feels fresh, giving the game it’s own identity and sense of legitimize.

Splatoon features all of the expected features such customizable characters and different classes. There core game is familiar, but the paint mechanic is the selling point. The surprising amount of attention, and positive reaction, the game has received so far suggest Splatoon is destined for big things. A completely new IP that genuinely adds depth to the Wii U’s library, Splatoon could be the surprise hit of 2015.


  1. The ‘New’ 3DS


Nintendo are well known for their constant redesigns of their products, especially their handhelds. From the Gameboy, to the Pocket, the Advanced to the Micro, Nintendo can’t resit redesigns. The ‘New’ 3DS is a odd mix of being the system we all know, but with some new extras which technically makes it a new system. The name is bound to confuse a number of people, but at it’s core, the ‘New’ 3DS is a more powerful beast than it’s older brothers and sisters.

With a sleeker design, along with a C stick, the ‘New’ 3DS packs more power than ever before. While past 3DS games will run on the newest system, there’s new games on the horizon that will exclusively run on Nintendo’s newest money spinner. The remake of Xenobloade Chronicles is, at least at this moment in time, the biggest name game that will only run on the ‘New’ 3DS. With Amiibo support, as well as improved 3D and general performance, the ‘New’ 3DS will no doubt become a core complement in 2015. The releases of Majora Mask and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate bundles will surely prove to be a strong starting point.

3. Xenoblade Chronicles

The Wii was a huge success, even those with no interest in video games found themselves drawn towards the system. The staggering success, and truckload of early gimmicky games, left the Wii with a bit of a image problem. Often seen as the choice of the ‘casual’, the Wii’s top quality games often floated away from mainstream video game media spotlights. Xenoblade Chronicles was one such game to suffer from this fate. Celebrated for it’s gameplay, design, and reinventing the staggering JRPG genre, Xenoblade was a true gem.

After missing out on the credit it truly deserved, Xenoblade Chronicles now finds it’s self as one of the future ‘killer apps’ of the ‘New’ Nintendo 3DS. Using all the power on the system, the short video footage shown of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D looks stunning. A truly loft JRPG that blows it’s competitors out of the water, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D could quite easily end up being one of the best hand-held games ever.


  1. Amiibo – Plastic Money


Nintendo truly struck gold with their Amiibo range. Everyone knew the Amiibos would be a success, but not even Nintendo knew how much of a success they would become…even more so in such a short time. While the concept of the Amiibo was to enhance the players experience, the Amiibo has taken up a life of it’s own. While they are fun to level up, and unlocking content in various games via the Amiibo is a nice feature, the whole affair has became hectic. These plastic little figures have pushed grown men to red faced frustration, they’ve sent countless people on quests, all to nail down a Amiibo.

They’ve became a true collectible, items sought out by collectors and e-bay scalper alike. With each wave comes a new ‘rare’ Amiibo that shoots up in price, inflating a marketing making it harder to complete set, resulting in people wanting to complete each wave even more. It’s truly crazy, but in a oddly good way. Nintendo will implement Amiibos into more games, but even if they didn’t, the Amiibos would still continue to be a success. These things are producing such a strong profit for everyone involved it’s hard to believe Nintendo didn’t try it sooner. 2015 will see more Amiibos released, and even more announced. With more games supporting them, and more collectors wanting them, the Amiibo will continue it’s red hot streak in 2015.


  1. Hyrule Is Yours

There’s barely any gameplay footage, there’s next to no screenshots, but The Legend of Zelda Wii U is already Nintendo’s hottest property. With every Nintendo system, there’s a new Legend of Zelda, and since the Wii U’s release people have wondered not if, but when, The Legend of Zelda will appear on the Wii U. While Wind Waker HD already exists on the Wii U, it’s the thought of a brand new installment that has tongues wagging. E3 2014, Nintendo Direct, The Legend of Zelda Wii U was revealed. The Wii U’s stock shot up immediately, social media blew up, this was big news.

The Legend of Zelda is a system seller, it’s a staple of the industry, it’s part of the cultures identity. Set for release in 2015, The Legend of Zelda Wii U wont just be another game release, it’s more like a coronation for the Wii U, a vindication for all the struggles Nintendo has gone through the last few years. While Nintendo’s 2015 looks set to be fantastic, The Legend of Zelda Wii U is almost a event within itself. Giving players the freedom of Hyrule feels like the true next step in the franchise, a big leap from traditional instalments. Nintendo have the world at their feet in 2015, the players will have Hyrule at theirs.

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